Whispering Hills Day Care Society

Executive Director,Kelsey Vowel
Program Director, IDW 

Whispering Hills Day Care Society
2 University Drive
Athabasca, AB T9S 0A3

Phone: 780-675-7946
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Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 7:15 am - 6:15 pm

Closed all Statutory Holidays & 3 business days between Christmas and New Years

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Child Care Subsidy

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Complete our Online Registration Form below. A paper copy of this form is available if needed. Contact our office for further information.

Child Care Subsidy is available for those families who qualify. Complete the online application form below for the quickest approval. Assistance with your application is available through our office.

Once your registration is accepted an initial interview will be scheduled including: a tour of the Centre, review of the necessary paperwork (including assistance with Child Care Subsidy applications if required), and a question and answer period. Scheduling of further visits with the child to the program is encouraged.  
The Child Care Subsidy Program helps qualifying income Alberta families with child care costs. It applies to children who are attending licensed day care and out of school care facilities. The program is operated by the Ministry of Children's Services and administered by your Child and Family Service Authority (CFSA).
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Current and Prospective Families

For detailed information about our program policies and procedures we ask that all parents and guardians read through our Parent/Guardian Handbook. We encourage you to ask questions and provide feedback about these policies and procedures. More policies pertaining to our staff and administration can be found at each of our program locations or by contacting our office.
Parent/Guardian Handbook

Heading 3


Prices are per month unless otherwise noted​

  1. $1088
    Full Time Infant/Toddler
    Children 0-36 months attending our University Day Care Site
  2. $1034
    Full Time Preschooler
    Children 3 to 5 years old attending our Multiplex Day Care Sites
  3. $80/ day
    Part Time Day Care
    Children are 0-5 years old attending on a scheduled part-time basis at our University or Multiplex Day Care Sites
  4. $650
    Kindergarten Care
    Children are attending Kindergarten and are enrolled in our Kinder Care program through our Out of School Care License
  5. $550
    Out of School Care (OSC)
    Children are in grade 1+ and attend our Out of School Care Program utilizing our Morning Care, After School Care and PD/Holiday Care
  6. $30/ day
    Part Time OSC
    Children are in Kindergarten + and attend our Out of School Care Program on a scheduled part time basis
  7. $45/ day
    PD/Holiday Care & Part-time Kinder Care
    Children are in school attending our out of school care program on non-school days OR are enrolled on Kinder off-days only
  8. $200
    Summer Care - Weekly Rate
    Children are enrolled in school and are attending our Out of School Care Program during the summer months
  9. $50/ day
    Summer Care - Daily Rate
    Children are enrolled in school and are attending our Out of School Care Program during the Summer months

May 1, 2018 fee capped at $25/day

May 1, 2018 fee capped at $25/day

May 1, 2018 fee capped at $25/day